我们有超过2000种植物材料. 我们提供经过试验的植物 & true that provide top garden performance as well as the cutting-edge plants in our branded plant programs. 我们的首要目标是为花园的成功提供最好的服务!

新工厂!: Click the image on the left to take a look at 新comers to our product line!

溢价字段选择: This program offers specimen sized plant material for an instant effect in your landscape designs. We take great care in selecting 新 and exciting as well as tried and true varieties that are hardy to our shipping regions. 这个团队的工作是让庄稼看起来很好, 为您的项目需求提供一致的供应链.

容器树的选择: 我们的容器树程序是为所有大型项目设计的. It gives you the ability to plant all season long with plants ranging from garden center friendly 7 and 15 gallon to landscape ready 25 and 45 gallon specimens. 的se plants offer branched trees that are well rooted and will take off and grow from the time they are planted.

季节性颜色: This category consists of our annual, herb, vegetable, succulent and tropical color selections. 的se plants are the colors of the seasons that give the punch of color, 兴趣和戏剧到你的家和花园. We offer many sizes for installation designs from large landscape projects to small containers for that special area of your home and garden.

美国美女本土植物® is a ground breaking native plant program that offers proven solutions for garden centers, 园艺师和家庭园丁. Native plant experts have teamed up with wildlife experts to bring you selections that will enhance our environment and bring life to your garden. 的 easiest way to provide food for wildlife is to plant native plants that will produce their natural diet of foliage, 花蜜, 花粉, 浆果, 种子和坚果. 因为这些植物原产于我们的地区, 它们需要更少的水和维护,也更少的疾病问题.

Bloomin '容易® is a response to younger homeowners who appreciate the value of a beautifully landscaped yard, 但考虑到处理这样一个项目太困难了, 耗时且超出了他们的专业范围. We select plants that offer exceptional beauty and color—plants that are more resilient and lower maintenance, 并为你的户外空间带来成功.

 每蒲式耳和浆果™ collection consists of compact, self-pollinating, ornamental berry plants for the home gardener! 每蒲式耳和浆果™ plants are a cinch to grow and will dazzle the eyes as well as the taste buds. 这些品种是前所未见的. 具有精美的观赏品质和惊人的果实, these are berry plants that belong front and center in decorative patio containers and in the landscape.

漂移®玫瑰 are a cross between full-size groundcover roses and miniature roses. From the former they kept toughness, disease resistance and winter hardiness. From the miniatures, they inherited their well-managed size and repeat-blooming nature. 低, manageable habit of 漂移®玫瑰 makes them perfect for gardens small to large, 在种植园主, 以及大规模的商业种植. 它们点亮了边界, 填补空白, 在成熟的植物周围漫步, 并能控制山坡和斜坡的侵蚀.

无尽的夏天® 收藏有重新绽放的美丽绣球花. 最初的, 收藏中的第一个绣球品种, revolutionized the way gardeners were able to incorporate hydrangeas in their landscapes. Breeders continue to add 新 varieties offering exciting color for the home and garden. 的se plants are hardy, easy to care for, and offer large, beautiful summer color.

With over 100 rock star varieties that deliver more success with less hassle, 你可以占领任何一个院子,让它充满能量, 创造力, 和活力. 和勤劳的植物一样 初版® 灌木 and trees, having a good-looking landscape doesn’t have to be a pain. 事实上,它可以是一段美好的时光. 是时候换个角度来看待灌木和树木了. 消费者, 尤其是新房主, 他们不想工作太辛苦,但他们确实想要一个漂亮的空间. 初版® 新面貌,活力四射, 再加上一排出色的灌木和树木, 让园艺重新充满乐趣.

为你精心挑选的® 是由植物育种者合作的认证吗, 种植者和独立的园艺中心零售商. Together we’re working to identify and introduce the best tested and most trusted plants available to you for garden success.

敲出®玫瑰家族 彻底改变了我们对玫瑰的看法. 的se roses are easy to grow and do not require special care and offer great disease resistance. 的y have stunning flower power with a generous bloom cycle that will begin in spring and continue until the first hard frost. Knock Out®玫瑰家族是冬季耐寒的美国农业部第5区.

的使命 美国 黄杨木 is to be the standard bearer of a distinctively better family of boxwood. We are here to bring the industry a 新 generation of plants that have proven themselves through years of observations, 正, 和研究. Our promise is to provide exceptional plants that have better tolerance of 黄杨木 Blight and other boxwood diseases, 对黄杨的抗性较好, 和令人惊叹的整体外观.

我们自己的程序 植物®工作 uses our relationships with breeders from around the globe to provide plant varieties that are unique, cutting edge and provide solutions for every area of the home and garden. Plants will set garden centers and landscapers apart from the competition with color, 轻松的护理和更好的表现!

植物®工作 offers a product assortment with selections of top quality plants including annuals, 多年生植物, 灌木, 多肉植物和热带植物. Regardless of the size of the project from large scale landscapes to small spaces, we have the plants you need for a successful solution for every area of the home and garden for texture, 树叶和季节性兴趣.

证明赢家® 搜寻世界,为你带来生机勃勃的花季, 多年生植物和灌木提供美丽的花园表现. 与全球顶尖育种家合作, 该系列提供了新的和令人兴奋的植物,很容易种植, 耐寒,花和叶颜色丰富.

雷蒙德Evison铁线莲® 这是50年不懈探索的结果吗, 培育和发展他的获奖, 为今天的家庭和花园开花铁线莲. His stringent selection process produces varieties with interesting 新 flowers that have the ability to flower up the entire stem over a longer period of time.

阿尔特曼植物是园艺行业的前沿, 在植物的研究和开发方面取得了巨大进步. 通过仔细的研究和最高的关心, we have been able to cultivate some of the most unique roses in the industry. 我们带你来 真正的绽放:新一代获奖玫瑰为您的花园. 终于有了一朵容易种植的玫瑰花,有了一朵真正的玫瑰花.

WorryFree 植物已经在你心中培育成功的景观. 每一个 WorryFree 植物解决了景观中特定的问题和挑战, allowing you to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your garden!

WorryFree 伏牛花集合 特点是两个非侵入性巴宝莉. 大多数巴宝莉是有侵略性的. 的 WorryFree®伏牛花 solve this problem as they were bred at the University of Connecticut to be non-invasive, providing you with an attractive and well-performing landscape plant that is deer resistant and now without the invasive risk.

WorryFree 草集合 feature non-invasive popular groups of Ornamental Grasses in the American landscape but the genus has been an invasive plant issue throughout a good portion of the U.S. 现在有了不育品种, 在形式上提供一个成功的解决方案, color, 可靠性和无侵入性风险.


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